4 Reasons to Avoid Out of Town Roofers

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After a major storm hits, your roof could be one of many that ends up needing a replacement or emergency storm repairs. While a trusted roofing company would be the best first call, many homeowners unfortunately fall into the trap of hiring an out of state storm chaser that promises fast work at a low price.

At Concord Roofing & Construction, we understand that when your roof is damaged repairs are an immediate need. However, here are some key reasons why you should always hire a local roofing company instead of making a costly mistake with someone who may just be out to scam you.

Storm Chasers Value Quantity Over Quality

Although there are lots of excellent door-to-door sales associates who come into town after a storm, smooth talk doesn’t mean an out of town roofer is going to accomplish a quality job.

When these roofers come into neighborhoods, their goal is usually to get as many houses done as possible, then move onto the next town in need. This can, and often does result in a roof replacement that isn’t up to industry standards.

Not only is this a safety hazard and major expense to a homeowner, but if something does go wrong with a roof, once the company is out of town, they’re likely going to be very hard to get in contact with.

Huge Insurance Risks

Many out of town roofers don’t have the proper insurance to cover their team. Some may not even have insurance at all. This means that if an accident occurs while a team is on the job, it’s you, the homeowner, who is going to be at fault.

Before hiring any contractor, always make sure that their team is fully insured so that your project remains secure on all fronts.

Phantom Down Payments

We know that not all door-to-door roofers are crooked, but this point is an especially important warning to homeowners. Sometimes, a fraudulent contractor will ask for a steep down payment before their work begins.

They’ll say it’s to cover materials and to collect labor, but, once they have the money in-hand, they’ll never return, leaving you financially burdened and still in need of emergency roof repairs.

High Prices That Lack Value

Out of towners will try to convince homeowners that their rates are going to be more affordable than what you’d expect from a professional local roofing company. Yes, their rates may be a little lower than what you’d expect from an expert, but they’ll still be astronomical in the big picture.

When you work with a trusted roofing contractor, you pay for the value of the job, and the promise that your roof is going to last for decades to come. A fly by night roofer may provide a temporary fix, but we guarantee a professional will have to (literally) pick up the pieces sooner than later.

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If your house is hit by a storm in the coming seasons and your roof needs a replacement in the end, Concord Roofing & Construction is ready to help. We are a roofing company with high-levels of experience and even higher standards of quality. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and learn more about our services.