4 Signs There Are Problems with Your Roof Water Drainage System

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What if your roof was draining water and money at the same time?

When there is a problem with your water drainage system, then it’s time to patch up your roof. And the longer you wait, the more your home is at risk!

In order to save money and protect your house, you’ll need to know these 4 signs that you have problems with your roof water drainage system.

1. Rusty Gutters

At the most fundamental level, a drainage problem means water is going where it shouldn’t be going. And this can lead to telltale signs such as flaking paint and rust.

One sign of this is if your gutters are really rusty. A roof drain problem can cause rust to form, and more extensive drainage issues may affect gutter performance.

Overall, rust remains one of the most visible signs of a drainage issue.

2. Secret Stains

Many of the signs on this list are located on the exterior of the house. However, one sign hiding in plain sight is if you have stains in the ceiling.

Mysterious stains on the ceiling and surrounding walls may not have an immediate source. And the most likely reason is that the source is your leaking roof!

If you see water that has clearly leaked inside your home, then it’s important to hire a professional to fix your roof ASAP.

3. Standing Water

Sometimes, the obvious signs of a drain problem are still difficult to see. Especially when the signs are on your roof!

Standing water on your roof is one of the biggest signs that there is a drain problem. Obviously, that water has not been draining like it is supposed to!

Unfortunately, many people overlook this sign because they can’t get a full view of their roof. We recommend grabbing a ladder or hiring a pro for regular inspections regarding the overall health of your roof.

4. Exterior Mold

When you find mold inside your home, the issue may or may not be a leaking roof. There are many different causes of interior mold.

If you find exterior mold, though, you almost certainly have a drain problem. And with a little time and effort, you can attain 100% certainty.

First, measure from where you find the mold to a nearby entry point (such as a door or window). Next, examine the yard and see if you can find an area of sloping ground that is effectively spouting water onto the wall and causing mold.

This is another obvious sign that is easy to miss if you aren’t regularly inspecting your home. Be sure to walk around your house once a week to look for mold and other signs of a drain problem.

Water Drainage System Problems: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to spot water drainage system problems with your roof. But do you know how to fix them quickly and affordably?

Here at Concord Roofing, we specialize in all things roofing. For roof repair to maintenance and anything in-between, all you have to do is reach out and contact us!