How to Choose the Best Metal Roof Colors

metal roof colors

Replacing your roof or repairing or reinforcing it before or after a storm can get expensive, depending on what type of climate you live in will determine the best type of materials will work best for you.

Did you know that besides the actual material, that the color of your roof will have an impact on your overall temperature, insulation and even the curb appeal of your home?

This applies to your home and your business, as well. If you have or are considering metal roofing, don’t be discouraged by the lack of colors available, and to further that, the color you choose can have a significant effect on the look and impact the temperature.

Here we can take a closer look at how your metal roof colors can help make an import impact on your home or business.

Why Go Metal?

Metal roofing has a few advantages over other types of materials that make it more desirable.

  • Light Weight: The metal roofing weighs far less than other types of roofing
  • Easy to install: Most of the metal roofing can be installed in panels, rather than individual shingles. The metal can also be installed right over of some of existing roofing types.
  • Fire resistant: Class A fire rating, but also depends on what is underneath.
  • Long Life: The metal roofing will last for the lifetime of the house or commercial building.
  • Secure: Keeps out wind, rain and snow will repel right off and there is no worry about rot, insect damage or other damage due to weather.

As we are talking about metal roof colors, one of the other bonuses about the bare metal roof is you can paint over the color, add color, or do small repairs and touch-ups without having to replace the actual roofing.

If you have factory-finished color tiles, you can get them re-coated if you want. It allows you to redo your house but also adds life you the metal roof. This is particularly helpful if you have a part of your roof that is covered by trees and has caused the metal to rust slightly.

The damage can be easily corrected and repaired, or the piece can be replaced and sealed to prevent leaks and further rust damage.

Metal Roof Colors

Finding the right metal roof color is bigger than just getting everything to match and look good. But it can be a great idea for your business if you want people to remember you by your color or logo.

Picking a color for your metal roof will also help with the temperature inside your home or business and can have a huge impact on your heating or cooling bills. The metal roof can repel or retain heat or cold, depending on your climate.

Cool Roof

A cool roof is achieved by choosing metal roof colors that are lighter in color to reflect the sun off the roof and retain less heat. The metal in light colors will reflect up to 75% more heat than it’s asphalt counterpart.

If the roof has additional ventilation, this will also increase its ability to keep your home or place of business cooler. Also, insulation from the inside will help keep the temperatures down.

White, off-white, almond, greys, and even some of the lighter blues and greens can go a long way in helping keep the place cooler and the costs of air conditioning lowered.

Cool Pigment

While a white or off-white roof will provide a lot more protection and reflect a lot more of the sun’s heat, you may not be all that fond of having a white or cream colored roof.

Cool pigments and cool coating can be done to any color of metal roof. This opens your options for metal roofing colors to anything you want. The cool coating will allow the darker metal to perform much like its white or lighter version.

This allows manufacturers and installers to offer all the colors of spectrum for metal roofing and still offer the dark colors as cool roofs. So while the white or light roofs will give better reflective ability, the reflective pigments used for dark metal can be just as effective.

The Heat Is On!

Likewise, if you live in a cooler climate or an area where you don’t receive a lot of direct sun, due to other buildings or tree cover, then you may need to get a darker color roof.

The darker roof will absorb the heat that is available and start to heat the inside of the house or business, starting with the rooms directly below the roof. This is a problem in the high heat of summer, as it will make your cooling system work harder and cost you more.

But the darker roof will keep the natural heat in and allow you to stay warmer without turning on your home’s heating system. This is a great feature for the fall, and spring, allowing you to turn off the heating sooner

Get Green

The idea that the color of your roof can actually help with your electricity bill is important and is something you should consider, as everyone wants to save money. The cooler pigment metals can also reflect the solar radiation as it escapes the atmosphere so that it doesn’t add to global warming.

Due to the metal’s longevity, you will not need to replace the roof, and there is no need to buy it again. You can not only buy the metal roofing in recycled form, it is completely recyclable if you do remove it.

Long-lasting and energy efficient, now available in not only colors you like, but colors that will work for you and keep your heating and cooling costs lowered. You can also install a rainwater catch system, as the metal roof will channel the rainwater off easily.

Whatever your needs are, you can find the perfect metal roof color to best suit your home or business needs. Ask us about what you need to get your new roof installed and start bringing down the cost of your electricity bills today.