Dallas Hail Storm Roof Repair

Golf ball sized hail stone that can destroy your roof windows or more

What Does a Hail Stone Do to Your Roof?

When a hail stone hits your roof, regardless of it’s size, it weakens the shingle’s integrity and reduces it’s life. While a roof system that is good shape has the ability to absorb the impact of smaller hail stones, larger ones are simply too powerful for your roof to sustain the damage without long term implications. This means that any hail damage should be assessed immediately.

What Do High Winds Do to Your Roof?

The vast majority of wind damage on shingle roofs is undetectable without a thorough inspection. High winds lift shingles up and peel them away from the shingle below, but when the wind dies down again, the shingles lay flat again, making the damage difficult to determine from the ground. When the next storm arrives, your roof will not be able to protect the interior of your home as well as before, and you may require more work to decking and anything else that is below your roof.

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A thorough inspection allows Concord Roofing to check each shingle for damage, thus allowing you to file a claim when it is necessary. Our team will provide you with a complete assessment, along with options to provide you with the details you need to move forward.

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