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As you know, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex region in Texas has experienced over the last three months winter storms, winter freezes, and icy road danger warnings. Depending on where you are in Texas, if you didn’t get snow this February, we all did get a whole lot of something else that is not exactly as visually cinematic and beautiful as snow: we got a whole lot of ice. Many restaurants, gyms, and shops closed as fast as the February winter storm and icy road danger warnings got messaged into our email inboxes and cellphone apps.

While the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex can look like a magical winter wonderland in the snow, the reality for homeowners can be as cold and as dangerous as black ice on Texas highways and residential roads.

3 Major Sources of Roof Damage During Winter and Ice Storms in Texas


Ice Damming

Winter snow and snowy weather can often result in destructive ice dams. What is ice damming? Ice damming occurs when snow melts and the melted snow turned into water runs down the surface of a roof and re-freezes. Snow melts when the roof warms up from heat inside the attic. Snowmelt can also occur when temperatures fluctuate.

The melted snow which is now water runs down the roof and meets areas not exposed to heat, and the effect is, ice begins to form again.

When the snowmelt water re-freezes, ice forms, builds up and then begins to block what will become snowmelt and running water again, but now a “dam” or “ice dam” has formed blocking the water from coming through. This can be very damaging and destructive to shingles, which are meant to shed water, not hold water. When this water in your shingles re-freeze, this can be damaging to the shingles because the water now re-frozen back to ice can lift the shingles from the roof deck, where water can now enter through.

Frozen Gutters

Your gutter system works to redirect rainwater and snowmelt away from your roof. Therefore, the condition of your roof is dependent on your gutter system.

When there is a winter storm or ice freeze in Texas, the freezing water will stay frozen in the gutters due to drops in temperature. When you have frozen gutters – rain, snowmelt, or snow/ice that had melted into water accumulates onto your roof having nowhere to flow out. This can lead to new leakage points.

New Leakage Points

Leaks occur when there is roof damage. Roof damage can happen during and after winter and ice storms when the unpredictable Texas weather is changing and fluctuating.

When you have roof damage, it’s important to take care of any damage quickly before it gets worse.

Get a no-obligation, free roof inspection now!

What Makes Concord Stand Out From Other Dallas Roofing Contractors? Tue, 31 Aug 2021 16:26:03 +0000 What Makes Concord Stand Out From Other Dallas Roofing Contractors? Read More »

When it comes to roof repairs and other related needs, there is a multitude of Dallas contractors to choose from. Some are great and some are just out to make a fast dollar with inevitable return repairs.

Where does Concord Roofing & Construction fall? We believe our services are a cut high above the best in our industry. Here’s a closer look at what exactly makes us one of the most requested roofing contractors in Dallas.

We Have Decades of Experience Behind Us

Concord Roofing & Construction has been a Dallas contracting mainstay for 14-years. However, our knowledge and expertise of excellent roofing extends far beyond our 2008 inception. Our founders have over 40-years of experience in the construction industry and have seen and fixed it all.

Trust us to be your go-to experts for any and all roofing services.

We Go Beyond Roof Repairs and Roof Replacements

When a storm damages a roof, sometimes the problems extend beyond your roofing system. From damaged garage doors to ruined gutter systems, a series of issues can pop up from the same storm.

Make sure that you go into business for repairs with a contracting company that can do it all. Our storm repair services help ensure that your whole home is protected from issues like mold, weakened structures, or leaks. 

Roof replacements may be our bread and butter, but our team is always prepared to help out in any way we can.

Concord is Licensed and Certified to Handle Emergencies

Emergencies happen; and when they do, you need a construction company that has the licenses and experience to successfully repair your roof or other areas of your home.

We are certified and licensed to help with essential repairs to your roofing system. Our credentials include the following:

  • GAF Master Elite
  • HAAG Engineering Certified Roofing Inspectors
  • Owens Corning Preferred Contractor
  • Members of the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association, and more!

Our Contractors Put Our Customers First

As a Christian-based contracting company, integrity is one of our core values. We always put our customers first and will never compromise the honesty of our work to make an inflated paycheck at the end of the day.

Concord Roofing & Construction will always be straightforward about the repairs a roof requires and will do our best to ensure that our solution is something that rests comfortably within an owner’s budget.

We Offer Premier Residential and Commercial Roofing Services

Residential and commercial roofs can come with their own set of unique problems and solutions. Not every company is equipped to tailor to both audiences, but at Concord, we cater to residential and commercial customers alike. Roofing is our passion, so we have made sure to perfect our craft and remain prepared for any challenge that comes our way.

Schedule A Roof Inspection Today, With Concord Roofing & Construction

If you are concerned about your roof as hurricane season kicks into full gear, it’s time to schedule a roof inspection with the best in the business. Reach out to Concord Roofing & Construction today to get your roof on our calendar.

We’ll be happy to thoroughly inspect your property and provide you with an honest assessment of any work that your roof requires.

What Are the 3 Types of Roof Warranties? Sat, 14 Aug 2021 03:07:05 +0000 What Are the 3 Types of Roof Warranties? Read More »

A roof warranty after a costly roof replacement is something that no homeowner should go without. While most people know that a warranty is important, they don’t realize that there isn’t a blanket warranty that they can easily choose for coverage.

In fact, the roofing industry offers three major warranties that can range in coverage lengths from contractor to contractor

If you are in the market for a roof replacement and are unsure about the type of warranty coverage you need, here’s a closer look at the three most common warranties offered in a roof replacement contract.

Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty

Manufacturer warranties cover your roofing shingles and the general materials used in your roof replacement. A standard manufacturer’s warranty typically offers limited lifetime coverage. When most people hear “lifetime warranty” they think that it’s forever coverage.

In our industry, a lifetime for a client is coverage that lasts as long as the client owns their home. Some of the common areas that a standard manufacturer’s warranty covers include the following:

  • Costs of defective materials
  • Costs of shingle replacement the first few years after a roof replacement. All replacements after that are typically prorated.

Keep in mind that this type of warranty only covers factory defects, not installation mistakes. This coverage also leaves the costs of disposal in the hands of the homeowner.

Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty

Extended manufacturer warranties are more expensive than the standard warranty, but offer greater protection for the homeowners that rely on them. In order for a contractor to offer an extended warranty, they must be certified to do so via the manufacturer’s installation requirements. 

If a roofing contractor is certified to offer this warranty and the homeowner opts in, the average coverage includes:

  • Coverage for all roof system materials
  • Up to 50 years, non-prorated coverage for defective materials
  • Workmanship coverage if the installation goes against manufacturer policies and guidelines. 

Contractor’s Workmanship Warranty

Some contractors go beyond the manufacturer warranty and offer their own workmanship coverage. While this is a great way to extend your roof replacement’s protection against poor workmanship, the amount covered varies from contractor to contractor; so, we recommend always reading the fine print in a contract.

The average contractor workmanship warranty covers:

  • Cost of labor and materials for any repairs
  • Damage was done to your home’s interior during the roof replacement process

These warranties typically cover work for up to 25 years and exclude coverage for the following issues:

  • Storm damage
  • Water damage
  • Damages from alterations after the initial installation
  • Foot traffic damage
  • Damage from fallen trees and limbs

Guarantee an Excellent Roof Replacement Warranty Through Concord Roofing & Construction

If you know that it’s time for a roof replacement but need a reliable contractor with a solid warranty, Concord Roofing & Construction is ready to meet with you. We offer some of the longest warranties in our industry, with our average coverage being up to 50 years, non-prorated. 

We are an honest roofing team that can walk you through our process, the details of your contract, and the full extent of your warranty coverage. Quality customer service is our goal, and we are ready to exceed your contracting expectations.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your roof inspection with a member of our construction team today.

Dangers of Moss on Your Roof and How to Prevent It Fri, 30 Jul 2021 16:31:28 +0000 Dangers of Moss on Your Roof and How to Prevent It Read More »

Keeping a clean roof is an essential task for you as a homeowner, and you might find yourself hiring someone to remove the leaves or other debris on your roof on a seasonal basis. However, one type of danger to your roof that you might not be aware of is moss, which can be a danger to your roof even though it’s a pretty harmless material. You actually risk having to get roof replacement if you don’t pay attention to moss growth.

Why is Moss Harmful on a Roof?

You might not think that having moss on your roof would constitute a danger to your home, but the ability of moss to hold onto moisture is where the danger lies. A roof made permanently damp from moss may start to rot over time, and your entire roof might eventually weaken to the point that it becomes a danger to your family.

Regular rainfall can keep the moss wet and make it impossible for the moisture on your roof to evaporate. Your roof is designed to dry in a reasonable amount of time after heavy rain, but moss can make that natural drying process impossible. Moss may retain moisture on your roof even when it doesn’t rain, and it’s simply a humid week.

Moss Can Lead to Mold

Moss is a rather harmless substance and doesn’t naturally contain any spores or allergens. Unfortunately, moss that lingers on your roof for many months or years may lead to the growth of mold, which can be a highly toxic substance that may also permanently damage your roof and require that you call up a roof repair company.

Mold grows when there is excess moisture, and moss is an ideal way to keep your roof moist and to turn it into a haven for mold growth. Making sure that your roof can dry out naturally after rain or humid days is essential for reducing mold growth, and that means it’s important to do everything you can to remove moss as soon as you see it growing.

How Do You Get Rid of Moss on Your Roof?

If you have a persistent problem with moss growth, you may need to employ a cleaning solution to clean the roof and prevent new growth. A 50:50 mixture of liquid chlorine bleach and water is one option. You’ll want to spray the mixture on the roof and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then, you’ll take a hose to rinse the area thoroughly.

Bob Vila’s website offers another option:

“Hose off the area with plain water, spraying at a downward angle. Then, use a long-handled soft-bristle scrub brush to remove the moss from the roof, scrubbing from the top down to avoid lifting shingles. As you continue, rub gently—don’t scrape, scour, or pound on the roof—and work in one small section at a time to avoid ripping, cracking, or breaking the shingles.”

Vila also recommends avoiding the use of a pressure washer because the force of the device can damage your roof.

Let Concord Roofing & Construction Help

Has the moss on your roof gotten out of hand? Are you facing the need for roof replacement? Concord Roofing & Construction is your Plano roofing company that will help with all roof replacement and repair projects for your home. Contact us today for more information on our services.

Can You Save Money on a Roof Replacement Wed, 14 Jul 2021 16:27:07 +0000 Can You Save Money on a Roof Replacement Read More »

A roof replacement can seem like a daunting investment for the average homeowner. Yes, it’s true, a replacement isn’t the most inexpensive roofing project, but that’s not to say that a client couldn’t save some money in the process.

As licensed roofing contractors, we believe in putting customer satisfaction before making a dollar. Here are some of our insider tips about how you could save some money on your next roof replacement.

Work with a Reliable Dallas Roofing Contractor

If your home was damaged in a storm and you need a roof replacement, make sure to do your research before accepting work from any roofing company. When it comes to saving money on your roof replacement, always talk to multiple contractors and compare bids to ensure that your project comes as close to your budget as possible.

An honest, reliable roofing contractor can help you work around your budget and provide you with multiple options for your roof replacement. 

Review All Possible Costs

After you’ve selected your roofer, sit down with them to discuss all of the financial obligations involved with your project and where you can save money without sacrificing quality. There are three costs you must always consider during a roofing project:

  • The cost of materials
  • The cost of labor
  • Disposal after the project ends

If you know your family needs to cut down expenses during this project, these are the three subjects to heavily discuss with your roofing contractor. Whether you opt for a more inexpensive material or choose to dispose of the debris yourself, a dependable roofing company will always ensure that your roof is sturdy and safe, no matter what.

Schedule Your Roof Replacement When Possible

Timing is everything when it comes to saving money on a roofing project. Most customers that can plan to replace their roof often do so in the summer or fall. Since demand is so high during these seasons, prices tend to be higher.

If you have the luxury of selecting when you get your roof replaced, we suggest planning for a dry winter’s day or during the early spring. At these times, the weather is still pleasant enough to work in, and contractors eager for a job may be more willing to negotiate their rates.

Check Your Warranty

If you’re new to your home and a roof replacement becomes necessary, it’s likely that your roof is still under warranty. If you’re lucky enough to still have this coverage, the majority of your project could be covered.

Regardless of your warranty status, you should always look into your homeowner’s insurance policy to find out if your situation is covered. In most cases, unless your roof is rotting due to neglect, the chances are high that your insurance will cover at least part of your roof replacement.

Roof Replacements in Themselves are Money-Savers

Sure, upfront costs of a roof replacement can feel expensive on the wallet. However, the truth is, letting your roof fall into decay without one can cost you even more money in the long term. 

A healthy roof protects your home from outside temperatures and regulates the energy output of your HVAC system. 

Also, if you let your roof fall into disrepair, leaks can form that damage your interior furniture and pose a fire hazard to your home’s electrical system.

In short, if your roof needs replacing, save your property, protect your family, and reduce your monthly energy bills.

Invest in Your Roof’s Integrity with Concord Roofing & Construction

If you’re ready to take the leap into a roof replacement, Concord Roofing & Construction is ready to help. Our team of roofing professionals has decades of experience behind our name. 

We are honest, reliable, and eager to help your family find a roofing solution that meets its needs and budget. Contact us today to schedule a roof inspection with a member of our team.

How to Make Your Roof Replacement Last for Decades Thu, 01 Jul 2021 01:19:52 +0000 How to Make Your Roof Replacement Last for Decades Read More »

Roof replacements are a massive investment. So it’s no surprise that a homeowner that replaces their roof wants the job to last a lifetime. While we can’t predict the length of a lifetime for everyone’s roof, we can at least say to follow these tips to prepare you for a roof replacement and extend the value of your investment.

Your roof should last you at least 20 years. However, using these maintenance and preventative actions, your home’s greatest asset could even last decades beyond the 20-year mark.

Clean Your Gutters

One of the biggest downfalls of a new roof is a gutter that is constantly full of leaves and debris clogging up its system. Depending on the amount of foliage around your system, you should clear out your gutters at least twice a year. 

A good gutter cleaning will prevent flooding, leak developments, and the abundance of critters that love to dwell in gutter foliage and feed off of your roof. 

Bonus Tip: Invest in Leaf Guards

If cleaning your gutters twice a year still sounds like a little too much maintenance, leaf guard installation is an excellent way to keep your system clear of any debris that will clog it up over time. Leaf guards are affordable roof savers that we honestly recommend to every homeowner that wants to keep their roof’s integrity intact.

Don’t Power Wash Your Shingles

Some people opt to take the “quick” way when it comes to cleaning off a roof that’s dirty or moss-ridden. Although power washers will definitely get any grime off of your rooftop, if you are a shingle roof owner, this could also be the beginning of shingle damage that ruins your new roof replacement.

Keep Up Your Insulation and Ventilation

If your attic’s insulation is failing or your home’s ventilation system, unfortunately, leads right to the decking of your roof, your roof is at risk of excess condensation exposure. This can lead to your roof slowly rotting away at its core.

Unfortunately, this problem is something that is not usually caught by a homeowner, and a new roof can be on the road to damage quickly. We suggest conducting an annual inspection of your roof so that any problems that you may miss within your system are caught and resolved before your roof is deemed a lost cause.

Snip Away Hanging Tree Limbs

Trees around your home are a beautiful thing. However, try to keep them away from your brand new roof. Trimming back your hanging tree limbs helps prevent gutter clogs as well as mitigates the risk of heavy fallen branches denting or breaking through your roof’s structure.

Give Your Roof a Strong Foundation with Concord Roofing & Construction

If your roof has suffered storm damage, is falling apart from age, or has massive repairs that are quickly adding up, it may be time to consider a total roof replacement. When it comes to reliable, honest roof replacements, Dallas and its surrounding communities rely on the expertise of Concord Roofing & Construction.

We are a Christian brand that believes in quality over price and promise to help each of our customers find a roofing solution within their budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule your roof inspection.

Should You Stay Home During a Roof Replacement? Tue, 15 Jun 2021 12:26:31 +0000 Should You Stay Home During a Roof Replacement? Read More »

One of the biggest home renovations a Dallas homeowner can plan is a roof replacement. Roof replacements are a massive undertaking that literally tears down and replaces one of the most important architectural pieces of a home.

While a roof replacement may be a jarring experience, many people just don’t like to leave the comfort of their own home, even during a renovation. Yes, it’s entirely possible for a family to cohabitate with the construction of a new roof. However, those wanting to stay home should know what they’re getting themselves into.

Here are some considerations you should take before making the decision to stay home during a day’s long roof replacement.

Construction is Very Loud

Right now, many businesses have adopted hybrid practices, and several people are still working permanently from home. Concentration during the workday is essential. So, keep in mind that while a construction team will provide excellent customer service, the process as a whole is a very loud experience.

If staying at home, make sure you have noise-canceling headphones or are prepared to deal with the additional noise level on your property.

Consider How Your Pets May React to the Action

When preparing for a roof replacement remember that your pets are sensitive creatures and may have an adverse reaction to the commotion caused by a roof replacement. Loss of appetite, moodiness, and hair loss are all potential consequences of a stressed pet.

If you know that your pet isn’t a huge fan of noise or strangers moving in and around their property, it may be best for theirs and our team’s safety to relocate them with a relative for a couple of days.

How Old Are Your Children?

While older children are more likely to heed warnings about avoiding the construction area, babies and toddlers present an entirely different risk if you’re staying home.

Although it’s still your choice, our suggestion is to schedule an off-site sitter or all-day activity. That way you can keep the young ones distracted and out of harm’s way during any roofing repairs or construction.

Do You Have a Safe Place to Park Your Vehicles?

A roof replacement brings large trucks full of equipment that will need immediate access to your roof. Essentially, your driveway is going to become a dedicated construction zone. So, you want to make sure that if you do plan to stay home, that you have a designated place to relocate your vehicle.

Talk to some neighbors and ask if you can park your cars in front of their property, or if in an HOA, ask your management team about their parking recommendations. Whatever your situation is, the last thing you want is to be blocked into your home while construction is in progress.

Plan Your Next Roof Replacement with Concord Roofing & Construction

If you have a roof that is 20 years or older or is experiencing signs of significant roof damage, it’s time to reach out to a professional roofing contractor to consider a roof replacement.

The contractors of Concord Roofing & Construction have decades of roofing experience and are dedicated to providing our customers with an honest and effective roof replacement or repair service.

Contact us today to learn more about our affordable roofing and construction services or to schedule an initial consultation.

Is Your Commercial Roof Alligatoring? Fri, 04 Jun 2021 12:43:34 +0000 Is Your Commercial Roof Alligatoring? Read More »

Your business’ roof is something that can last a number of years with proper maintenance. However, over time, age will eventually start to overcome your maintenance efforts, and a roofing problem called alligatoring will rear its ugly head.

Alligatoring is something that the experts at Concord Roofing & Construction are used to seeing but may be a new anomaly to the average business owner. Here’s a look into what it is, how you can mitigate the damage, and when it’s time to settle in for a roof replacement.

What is Alligatorting?

Alligatoring is when the state of a flat roof starts to resemble the skin of the animal that it’s named after. When your roof is constantly exposed to the sun’s UV rays, it’s protective coating will begin to deteriorate and leave your commercial roof in need of repair.

Over time, this deterioration will lead to small cracks in your coating that will only spread and expand if the problem is left untreated.

How Can You Prevent Commercial Roof Alligatoring?

Fortunately, if you are diligent about your roof’s maintenance and schedule a roof inspection at least once every two years, you can catch early signs of alligatoring. If the problem isn’t widespread, a quick application of a new protective coating on your roof will help smooth out its surfaces and protect your roof for a few more years.

However, alligatoring is an actual sign of aging. So, if you find that you have to keep replacing your protective coating, you should probably start considering a roof replacement if your roof is more than 20 years old.

Does Alligorating Always Lead to a Roof Replacement?

As we mentioned, alligatoring can be repaired by a Dallas roofing professional. However, if the problem is left to fester, cracks will only grow, increase, and lead to an untimely roof replacement.

Signs Your Alligatoring is Beyond Repair

If it’s been a while since you’ve checked up on the state of your commercial roof, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when signs of severe alligator cracking prove that your roof is beyond repair.

Some of the most common signs that your roof needs a roof replacement include the following:

  • Extensive blistering
  • Water damage throughout the roof
  • Leaks making their way into your building
  • Alligatoring that covers the entire span of your roof

A flat roof won’t last forever, and it’s inevitable that a roof replacement will eventually be in order. Make sure that you don’t let these issues go unattended and reach out to a professional contractor to ensure your roof replacement guarantees years of efficient protection.

Repair and Replace Your Commercial Roof with Concord Roofing & Construction

If your commercial property is displaying signs of extensive roof blistering or alligatoring, your investment is at risk for a damaging roofing failure. Don’t let cracked rooftops and small leaks remain undetected.

Reach out to the roofing professionals of Concord Roofing & Construction to help ensure that your roof is thoroughly inspected and that any damage that needs to be resolved gets repaired or replaced.

We are an honest Dallas roofing company that always performs our services with your budget and best interest in mind. Contact us today to schedule your commercial roof inspection!

DIY Tips for Replacing Single Asphalt Shingles Mon, 10 May 2021 15:53:52 +0000 DIY Tips for Replacing Single Asphalt Shingles Read More »

If you are hanging around your property and notice that a couple of shingles are either curled, cracked, or missing, this is definitely a DIY roof repair that is possible under the right circumstances.

If the damaged asphalt shingles are near the base of your roof and you feel comfortable with the work, this could be a satisfying homeowner project. Here are some DIY tips to consider and prepare with before bringing out your ladder and saving your roof from further exposure.

Analyze the Age of Your Roof

Before you even begin to consider changing out shingles, consider the actual age of your roof. As your roof ages, the damage will show, and it usually starts with a few loose or missing shingles.

Sometimes if a roof is aged enough, even shingle replacement isn’t enough to create a lasting solution for its shelf life.

So, if your roof is 20 years old or older, it’s best to call in a professional roofing company for an inspection. Your broken shingles could be the sign of a much-needed roof replacement.

Check Your Roof’s Pitch

However, if your roof is at a relatively healthy age, replacing a few shingles shouldn’t be an issue, as long as your practices remain safe. First, make sure that your roof’s pitch isn’t too steep for you to safely and effectively replace your asphalt shingles.

Houses with a steep pitch can make roof replacement dangerous without the necessary equipment that most homeowners don’t already have. If you feel that your roof is too steep for comfort, don’t shrug off your doubt. Get some roofing help from professionals.

Gather the Correct Tools

If you’ve determined that you can safely work on your roof, make sure that you are using the right equipment for the job.

Some of the essentials you’ll need include the following tools:

  • Extension Ladder
  • Hammer
  • Pry Bar
  • Hammer Tacker
  • Safety Harness
  • Work Gloves
  • Safety Glasses

Keep in mind that some of the required equipment may not be readily available at home and requires the experience of a professional roofing contractor to ensure a safe working environment. When in doubt, we say save the stress and hire a professional to quickly get the job done.

Practice the Correct Shingle Replacement Form

When replacing a shingle, remember to always remove the first set of nails underneath the shingle above the area you are replacing. This allows you total access to the damaged shingle and prevents potential damage to the shingles above it during your replacement.

Once you have the area around your damaged shingle clear, use your pry bar to remove the shingle and 8 nails from your roof. From there, simply install the replacement shingle and preserve the integrity of your roof.

Keep in mind that this practice is only recommended with experience, caution, and if there isn’t an abundance of necessary repair.

What if You Have to Replace Multiple Shingles?

A roofing contractor specializes in carrying out jobs from shingle replacement to roof replacement. There isn’t a job that we’d consider too small for our attention. When it comes to shingle replacement, if you’re replacing more than a handful of shingles, they are usually not the only part of your roof that needs to be replaced.

Multiple shingle replacements are often the result of deeper roofing damage that could make scaling the roof a dangerous task. A roofing professional like a technician from Concord Roofing would be able to quickly determine any dangerous spots, the source of your roof’s damage, and what efficient solutions they’ll need to implement.

Replace Your Shingles the Safe Way, with Concord Roofing & Construction

If you’re looking at a shingle replacement project that seems a little more daunting than it should, don’t question your skills as a handyman, reach out to the professionals for help.

The team at Concord Roofing & Construction can help you save time and money through a thorough assessment of your roof and an honest bid for the work that your roof needs. Whether you need a minor repair or a total roof replacement, our Dallas contractors are the best in the business. Contact us today to schedule your inspection with Concord!

How to Safely Perform Minor Repairs On Your Roof Fri, 16 Apr 2021 15:46:44 +0000 How to Safely Perform Minor Repairs On Your Roof Read More »

Sometimes a loose shingle or disconnected gutter doesn’t require a call to a Dallas roofing contractor.

While we would never recommend a DIY approach to a major roofing project like a roof replacement, we do understand that there are times when a homeowner needs to scale their roof for light cleaning or minor repairs.

However, safely getting atop your roof goes beyond just climbing a ladder and getting the job done. Here are some general guidelines for safely climbing your roof when it’s absolutely necessary.

Use the Right Ladder

A standard ladder isn’t going to get you up on the roof safely. If you plan on scaling your roof, invest in an extension ladder that can easily rise above your roof and allow for easier access.

An extension ladder will allow you to position yourself correctly at a 4 in 1 angle. This means that for every 4 feet your ladder is raised, it should be 1 foot away from the base of your home. This ensures that the ladder is safely placed in an optimal climbing position and isn’t too far or too close to your home.

Don’t Carry Things Up Your Ladder

This tip directly ties into another important tip: Never climb on your rooftop alone. So, once you have a friend or family member on the ground watching, have them help hand you tools or materials from the ground.

You’ll need all of your concentration to safely climb, so carrying things up with you is a major risk. Our recommendation is to tie a rope at the top of the ladder and have your partner on the ground attach an empty paint bucket. This will serve as a safer pulley for you to bring up any materials you’ll need for your minor repair or maintenance.

Monitor the Weather Before Scaling Your Roof

If you have to get up on your roof, make sure it’s on a day that is clear, cool, and has little wind. While most people understand that rain can make a roof slick, many don’t realize that heat and even moderate wind can pose safety concerns.

Slick rooftops, heat-softened shingles, and windy conditions are everything you want to avoid during your time at the top. If the need is urgent and the weather isn’t optimal, it may be time to reach out to a professional.

Leave the Bigger Jobs to a Professional Roofing Contractor

If your roof is older or you have to scale steep inclines to get your repairs done, it’s never recommended to attempt this project on your own. Especially during Texas’s storm season, it’s essential to reach out to a roofing contractor when you want to ensure that all repairs and replacements are performed with professionalism.

The upfront expense of a residential roofing service helps preserve your roof and saves you money in the long run, if your DIY job doesn’t hold up over the years.

Keep Your Roof Safer with Concord Roofing & Construction

If your project goes beyond what’s considered safe, it’s time to reach out to a roofing professional for help.

At Concord Roofing & Construction, we take a comprehensive approach to roof repairs and replacements and know exactly how to resolve a problem effectively and affordably. We put the trust of our customers first and won’t ever sell you on any repairs you don’t need.

Don’t practice any unsafe roof repairs this spring. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a quote.