How to Identify and Avoid Roof Mold

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Roof mold is an avoidable problem that could damage your home. Most people tend to mistake algae on rooftops as mold. This shouldn’t be the case because roof mold is more problematic when compared to algae. Mold damages roofs while algae destroy the reflective efficiency of roofs. It is generally found in areas where there is a lot of humidity.

Try dehumidifying your house to reduce mold infestation. Mold mostly take the shape of small cluster black spots but sometimes they could be grey-brown or green in color. Ensure to take sudden measures whenever you note even a single mold patch anywhere in your home. This is because they have the ability to spread very fast.

Here are a few tips to help you brush up on your roof mold knowledge to prevent significant damage to your home.

Ensure You Dehumidify Your Home of Moisture

One of the major causes that facilitate the growth and spread of roof mold is humidity. Ensure that all the areas in your home are dry. Make sure that your home is not affected by any pipe leakage and water damages that could attract mold.

If possible use air conditioners during humid months to keep the humidity level in your house below 50%. Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation in your kitchen, bathrooms, and all the rooms in your home.

Don’t Ignore Any Warning Signs

After proper drying and cleanup, make sure to eradicate any sensitive odors around the house. Note that bathrooms are prime areas for mold infestation in any house. This is because they are unable to air out excess humidity and moisture.

Mold can grow in bathrooms, toilets, walls, and ceilings. Lack of proper control can cause a number of health problems like inflammation, respiratory issues, and mental impairment. They can affect your breathing without you seeing them.

Take a Look Outside

If necessary hire a professional to inspect your roof in order to remove any mold that might grow and prevent any further growth. If you need any advice on hiring a professional. some roof fixes might need professional intervention so as to get the job done.

Try to terminate any water accumulation on the exterior parts of your house. Mold can begin forming from outside if there is poor water saturation and make their way to the roof. Ensure that all the water is drained, and all places are dry to prevent mold growth.

Remove Any Damaged Material

Ensure any damaged material around your house is removed and replaced with new dry ones. This is because old and damaged materials can’t be cleaned and dried completely.

They lack the ability to avoid roof mold completely unlike new materials. Whenever you replace materials like walls and roofs in your house, ensure you choose new materials that are moisture and mold resistant.

Avoid Roof Mold to Protect Your Roof

Take responsibility to ensure that your house is dehumidified and ventilated. It’s always good to take all essential precautions. Seek professional guidance on how to control roof mold if necessary. Control these mold damages early enough before they worsen.

Always keep in mind that a mold-free environment is good for your health. This because it will help you overcome most health issues associated with them. Be sure to contact us if you need professional advice on how to spot any roof damages before the leaking starts.