How to Make Your Roof Replacement Last for Decades

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Roof replacements are a massive investment. So it’s no surprise that a homeowner that replaces their roof wants the job to last a lifetime. While we can’t predict the length of a lifetime for everyone’s roof, we can at least say to follow these tips to prepare you for a roof replacement and extend the value of your investment.

Your roof should last you at least 20 years. However, using these maintenance and preventative actions, your home’s greatest asset could even last decades beyond the 20-year mark.

Clean Your Gutters

One of the biggest downfalls of a new roof is a gutter that is constantly full of leaves and debris clogging up its system. Depending on the amount of foliage around your system, you should clear out your gutters at least twice a year. 

A good gutter cleaning will prevent flooding, leak developments, and the abundance of critters that love to dwell in gutter foliage and feed off of your roof. 

Bonus Tip: Invest in Leaf Guards

If cleaning your gutters twice a year still sounds like a little too much maintenance, leaf guard installation is an excellent way to keep your system clear of any debris that will clog it up over time. Leaf guards are affordable roof savers that we honestly recommend to every homeowner that wants to keep their roof’s integrity intact.

Don’t Power Wash Your Shingles

Some people opt to take the “quick” way when it comes to cleaning off a roof that’s dirty or moss-ridden. Although power washers will definitely get any grime off of your rooftop, if you are a shingle roof owner, this could also be the beginning of shingle damage that ruins your new roof replacement.

Keep Up Your Insulation and Ventilation

If your attic’s insulation is failing or your home’s ventilation system, unfortunately, leads right to the decking of your roof, your roof is at risk of excess condensation exposure. This can lead to your roof slowly rotting away at its core.

Unfortunately, this problem is something that is not usually caught by a homeowner, and a new roof can be on the road to damage quickly. We suggest conducting an annual inspection of your roof so that any problems that you may miss within your system are caught and resolved before your roof is deemed a lost cause.

Snip Away Hanging Tree Limbs

Trees around your home are a beautiful thing. However, try to keep them away from your brand new roof. Trimming back your hanging tree limbs helps prevent gutter clogs as well as mitigates the risk of heavy fallen branches denting or breaking through your roof’s structure.

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