Modified Bitumen



Modified Bitumen


Modified Bitumen: The Choice For Flat And Low Slope Roofs

Modified bitumen roofing is an asphalt-based solution designed for buildings with low slope or flat roof structures. It can be installed by heat-welding, hot-asphalt, and cold-process adhesives and is considered one of the most popular roofing systems.

If you need a commercial roof replacement, modified bitumen is a high-performance solution that offers ease of application and long term efficiency. Although there are layers involved in mod-bit roofing because of the recommended underlayment, it is considered a singly-ply, not a built-up roofing system.

There are two types of modified bitumen systems:

APP (Atactic Polypropylene)

Applied using a heat-welded method, the top surface comes in either smooth or granular. The consistency and uniformity of the factory produced sheet results in a membrane that has greater stability and flexibility than that of a laminated built-up roof system.

SBS (Butadiene Styrene)

Usually applied using hot asphalt, bonding adhesives, heat welding or heat activated self-adhesives, the top surface is a mineral granular of choice of colors. It has the benefits of a built-up redundant system with the quality of a factory single ply membrane.

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The Modified Bitumen Roofing System Advantage


It’s Tough

The combination of fiberglass and/or polyester reinforcement layers makes modified bitumen extremely tear-resistant, a big advantage over other commercial roofing systems. This feature makes modified bitumen roofing the ideal choice for low-slope commercial roofing with high foot traffic, such as rooftop cafes


It’s Waterproof

Several layers of bitumen on a properly-installed roof makes modified bitumen roofs the most waterproof commercial roofing choice available.


It’s Efficient

It’s easy to turn a modified bitumen roof into an energy-efficient “cool roof” simply by treating the top layer with features such as solar reflectance and thermal emission.


It’s Flexible

Low-slope and flat roofing materials have to be flexible for impact resistance and temperature fluctuations. Modified bitumen expands and contracts without losing its shape.


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