How to Pick the Best Roof Shingle Colors

roof shingle colors

Every year, hundreds of homeowners have their homes damaged by hail storms and extreme winds. They have to repair or replace their roof shingles, but don’t always know how to find the best roof shingle colors or styles.

Having an attractive and durable roof can add value to a home. If homeowners are planning on reselling their homes, they may be able to raise their asking price between 5% and 10% with the addition of a new roof.

In fact, installing a new roof is one of the best projects that people can do to add value to their homes. They just need to start the installation process about six months before they put their home on the market.

There are several kinds of roofing shingles available, including asphalt, metal, tile, and wood. This article is a great place to start. We’ll cover which kind of shingles and shingle colors are the best for home improvement projects.

What Are the Options for Roof Shingle Colors?

There is a wide variety of roof shingle colors available, ranging from dark gray and brown to light tan and earth tones. What homeowners need to do before they commit to a new roof is to make sure that the shingles go well with the color of their home. They should take a few days or weeks and test out different roof colors before they invest.

A new roof has a great return on investment and can help homeowners sell their homes at a higher price. If they live in an area with a lot of natural light and no snow, they should get lighter-colored roofing shingles. Having light tan shingles can lower an attic’s temperature by 20 to 40 degrees.

Conversely, if the home is located in a wintry zone, they should consider getting darker shingles that will help reflect cold air. Black shingles actually help snow and ice melt faster than lighter-colored roofs.

Ultimately, making a choice about shingles is a reflection of the owner’s personal taste. If they want to install a brightly colored roof, they should choose whatever color and style of shingles they prefer.

Some classic combinations are black shingles on yellow or white homes and earth-toned shingles on brown or tan homes. It’s possible to get some samples of shingle colors and see how they look with the chimney, backyard, and landscaping.

Are Asphalt Shingles a Good Choice?

Asphalt shingles can be a great choice for any roofing project. They have a classic look and high-end shingles can have a warranty of up to 50 years. Going with cheaper shingles may sound like a good idea at first, but they can leaves homes vulnerable to flooding and mold. Picking well-made asphalt shingles is always a good investment.

We can do a free roof inspection and get a good idea of any issues that may exist. If the home is in an area that gets a lot of rain, there may be a roof that’s already rotting out, no matter how old the home is.

Cheaper shingles can be quite vulnerable to hail. They can only handle hail that is one inch or smaller in diameter. If the location gets regular hailstorms, why install a roof that will just need to be replaced in a few years? Check out more durable options to protect homes from hail and ice storms.

Once it’s time to invest in a new roof, asphalt shingles are a great choice. They come in a variety of styles and shingle colors that work well with any home’s color scheme. Online roofing calculators can help homeowners figure out the potential cost of a new roof.

As a matter of fact, asphalt roofing shingles can help lower heating and cooling bills by hundreds of dollars every year. Before homeowners commit to a roofing system, they should check out the warranty information thoroughly.

Does the Neighborhood Association Have the Final Say?

It’s important to check with the local neighborhood association before making any changes to a roof. They may have a list of certain colors that they would like homeowners to adhere to, or they may have a preferred roofing provider like Concord Roofing & Construction. We have more than 20 years of experience and use only the best roofing materials.

In addition to checking with the neighborhood association, it’s a good idea to take a quick drive around the neighborhood. If there is a house with a similar color that has a great-looking roof, it’s a good idea to leave a note for the homeowner and ask where they got it done.

Once the roof color is finalized, homeowners should try to invest in energy-efficient roofing shingles. Asphalt and metal roofs of any color act to reflect the sun’s rays, saving money and protecting homes from mold.

Hail can damage a roof more quickly than any other kind of weather. If there is a lot of hail in a local area, the roofing company can help protect vulnerable roofs against extreme weather. Gravel roofing and concrete tile shingles are the most resistant to hail, but high-quality asphalt shingles can also provide serious protection.

What Are the First Steps of a Roofing Project?

The first step in any roofing project is to find a reliable contractor that offers a great price. We offer free roofing estimates, done at a time that’s convenient for the homeowner or landlord. Once we have a good idea of how much damage a roof has taken over the years, we can start to discuss options for roof replacement and repair.

We can also help determine the best roof shingle colors for any home. Homeowners might want a roof that is more of a low-key accent to their home’s color, but we can also get colors that complement any garden or landscaping. There are actually hundreds of options for concrete, asphalt, or metal roofing shingles.

The first step is to schedule an in-person meeting. We’re always happy to help our customers and we want what’s best for them and their homes. Homeowners should send us an email or phone our office and we will set up an appointment for a roofing inspection and detailed estimate.

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