How to Pick the Best Roof Shingles For Your Home

best roof shingles

Is it time for a new roof on your home?

You can try to deny it all you want, but eventually, every roof needs to be replaced. Or at least upgraded. After all, you want to keep your home protected from the elements.

Upgrading or replacing your roof is a big project. Beyond just protecting your home, it’s also going to affect the appearance of your home in a major way.

That’s why it’s important that you choose the best roof shingles.

So once you’ve signed off on completing this big job, where do you begin?

Read on to find out.

Picking the Best Roof Shingles Depends on a Few Factors

If you’ve been putting off the roof replacement for a while, you may have had time to think about, ponder and even research possible options for the best roof shingles.

Then again, maybe you’ve been in complete denial and are now faced with the absolute reality that it’s time.

Either way, on your quest for the perfect shingle, you’ll want to ask the following questions:

How Much Will It Cost?

You’ll need to know the approximate square footage of your roof to calculate the cost.

To find out the square footage, you can get either get up onto your roof yourself or have an experienced roofer do it. You’ll need to get the length and the width of the roof. Then multiply those two numbers to get the square footage.

For instance, if your roof measurements come to 12-feet and 20-feet, then your square footage is going to be 240 square feet. You’ll want to figure in an additional 10 percent to cover any waste though – in this case, 24 square feet.

Add it all together and you have 264 square feet.

Since shingles are typically sold in squares that measure 100 square feet, that means you’ll need three squares to cover the project. Once you have that magical number, you can then start calculating the cost of shingles that are most appealing to you.

What Color Should You Choose?

Color choice is more than just choosing the color you want. You’ll need to consider a few things here.

1. The Color and Material of Your Home

Essentially, your home’s exterior elements are going to influence your shingles choice.

If you have a white house, you’re in luck. Just about any color will work with white. So it’s going to come down to your home’s architectural style, as well as your own preferences for color – whether that’s brown, grey, black, green, blue, white or even red.

Although not typical in Texas, nationally many homes are made from wood. If you have a house made from wood, you’ll probably want to stick with shingle colors that will complement it – such as brown, black and grey. You might also want to look into a shingle with a high-definition profile that will mimic the look of the natural wood.

You also aren’t restricted to just one color.

For example, a brick house with a uniformly red tone might fare well with a patchwork of various colors. This will add texture. But be cautious about the color mix. Stick with dark brown, grey, black or dark green.

Just remember that while wood siding can be painted, other materials like masonry, vinyl siding, cedar logs, and stucco, for example, are a lot harder to change.

2. Attic Temperature

The darker the color, the more heat will be retained by the roof. A lighter color roof makes for a cooler attic.

If you have a usable attic space, consider whether you have more warm days or cold days in a year. A lighter color could be a better choice for warmer regions with long summers. But in colder regions where the winter is long, a darker hue is probably going to make more sense.

There is some evidence that the right color choice will increase your energy efficiency. Ultimately, without adequate ventilation or proper insulation, the color of your roof isn’t going to make a huge difference.

3. New Building Codes

In some states with strict environmental codes, colors that are highly reflective actually required. If this is the case, your roofing expert will know if this applies and can guide you in selecting a shingle color. In this case, you’ll be limited to mostly special asphalt shingles in white, and shades of grey and brown.

Speaking of asphalt…

What Is the Best Material?

This will depend on a number of factors – the biggest of which is how much moisture you experience in your region of the country.

Asphalt and Laminate

In order to protect against the wettest weather, the newer asphalt shingles are your best bet. And they require the least amount of maintenance.

Laminate shingles offer the same durability as asphalt but offer some architectural style. They are manufactured in different shapes that are a bit more decorative like triangles or ovals. They can also resemble cedar shakes or even slate. Right down to the wood grain or slate patterns.

Other Materials

You can always opt for actual cedar shakes or slate. But prepared to pay a premium for these.

Furthermore, you’ll have to deal with a lot more maintenance. While they look fantastic, these materials don’t make for the best roof shingles because they’re far less durable and require a lot of maintenance.

If money is no issue, then go for it.

Is There A Warranty?

Because they’re so reliable in terms of durability and protection, asphalt shingles are the standard of the industry. They also have some of the longest warranties available.

Generally speaking, the more expensive the shingle, the longer it will last. Although there are certain architectural shingles where you’ll be paying for the design more than for the quality.

Another thing to keep in mind is that warranties are only as good as the company that made your shingles. So stick with well-known manufacturers rather than a brand new start-up. The start-up may offer you amazing guarantees to get you to buy, but you can’t be sure they’ll be around long enough to honor them.

Get Your Roof On!

If it’s time to replace or upgrade your roof, don’t put it off any longer.

And if you’re still feeling overwhelmed about which shingles are going to the best roof shingles for you, don’t worry!

We can help you figure it out while ensuring that your home stays stylish and protected. Give us a call today and get ready to make this valuable investment for your home.

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