How to Prepare Your Home for a Roof Replacement

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Getting a roof replacement is an exciting time for a homeowner. It’s a home improvement that not only keeps your home comfortable and safe, but also increases its overall value.

While a roof replacement is a contracted job, there are still some things that homeowners will need to take care of before the team arrives to start work. Here are some of the most important ways you can prepare your home for its new facelift.

Talk to Your Kids Prior to a Roof Replacement

A roof replacement isn’t a quiet occasion. The removal of shingles, and installation of materials can actually be quite loud and frighten young children and pets in the home.

Before your construction starts, let your kids know what to expect and how our workers are helping your family out and aren’t there to scare anyone. Also, let them know which parts of the house are temporarily “closed” in order to guarantee a safe environment for both your family and your contractors.

Give Your Contractors Room to Work

Your roofing contractors are going to come to your home and need easy access to all of their tools located in their vehicles. Please, give them the space they need by sharing your driveway with their trucks.

Not only does relocating your personal vehicles make contractors’ jobs safer and more efficient, but your cars are now a reduced risk of exposure to dust and debris that results from replacing a roof.

Cover Up Attic Valuables

Most of the work that your contracting team will perform surrounds the attic section of your home. Dust and debris can easily seep into the attic and dirty up any valuables that you have stored away.

In order to ensure that your attic storage remains clean, we suggest covering up attic belongings with a tarp until your roof replacement is complete.

Keep Clear Above and Below

While we complete your roof replacement, we’re going to need all of the space above and below your rooftop clear. Tree branches that have begun to grow over your roof create both obstacles that slow us down, and a safety hazard to our team. Prior to our arrival, please check the perimeter of your roof and schedule tree trimming services to take care of any low-hanging branches.

Also, keep in mind that while we work, shingles and other debris will end up scattered along the perimeter of your home.

During roof repairs, items like lawn furniture, bikes, and yard lighting are susceptible to damage. So, in order to keep your belongings and the area safe, please move them away from the work zone before construction begins.

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