The Pros and Cons of a New Roof vs Roof Overlay

roof overlay

If you’re living with a leaky roof and a low budget, there are other options to a full replacement of your roof. A roof overlay may be the affordable answer you are looking for.

What is a Roof Overlay?

A roof overlay is placing a new layer of shingles over existing ones. Overlaying will include new flashing and waterproofing materials along with laying shingles. It is a way to put a few more years on your roof without having to tear off the existing roofing materials and starting over.

Always have a reputable roofing company evaluate your roof before deciding on  roof overlay.

The Pros of a Roof Overlay

A roof overlay is a cost-effective alternative to a roof replacement. On average, a roof overlay will cost around $600 less than a full roof replacement.

A roof over saves time because the crew doesn’t need to strip existing shingles and dispose of them.

A roof overlay is far less messy than a roof replacement. The crew doesn’t need to pile up old roofing materials as they work. This saves money in clean up costs and dumpster rental, adding to your total savings.

The Cons of a Roof Overlay

While a roof overlay is an affordable option, it may not be the best for all roofing needs. I fact, some states do not allow roof overs at all.

The added layer of shingles increases the on your roof. If the roof underlay isn’t in good shape, this could affect the structure of your existing roof.

A roof over doesn’t allow an inspection of the underlying structure of the roof. This means that any rotting boards or leaking spots are often overlooked. Unless you know your roof structure is in good shape, you need to be careful with an overlay.

Your home appraisal will be affected by having multiple layers of shingles. Many states allow up to two roof overs before requiring a complete roof replacement. Future roof replacements are more expensive because crews must remove several layers of shingles.

A potential buyer may ask you to replace the roof before they purchase. Many people consider roof overlays to be hiding bigger problems.

Roof Repair, Overlay, or Replacement

Depending on your situation, you may only need a roof repair rather than a full replacement or an overlay. A roof repair will address specific issues, like missing shingles and leaks.

If you need a new roof but can’t afford a complete replacement, you can consider a roof overlay.

A roof replacement is the best option in most cases. It adds value to the home, and allows the roofers to evaluate your roof’s structure and repair existing problems.

Not Sure What’s Right for Your Home?

Your roof is the most important structure on your home. If it starts to fail, the problems it can cause range from cosmetic to structural damages.

There are many solutions for your roofing needs. Is a roof overlay the best choice for you? Call us for a free evaluation and let our pros discuss your options with you.