The Roots of Roof Emergencies Your Home Could Face

Storm Roof Damage Repair in DFW

Although your roof serves to protect your family from outside elements, its exposure to different situations can lead to catastrophic roofing emergencies. Storms and other roofing problems can lead to substantial roof repairs and sometimes a total roof replacement.

While some roofing emergencies are inevitable, it always helps to know the root of the problem in order to take the best steps towards a solution.

1. Roof Leaks

Even a small roof leak is considered a roofing emergency. When your roof starts to leak it can quickly develop into a problem that damages the actual foundation of your home.

A roof leak that leads to repairs can also be the root cause of a mold problem if it’s allowed to fester. This health threat is why we consider a roof leak of any size an emergency situation.

2. Lack of General Roof Maintenance

You should inspect your roof at least once a year, but it’s recommended that you schedule two annual inspections to cover all of your maintenance needs. A roof inspection can let you know if there are any underlying issues that could lead to a roof emergency if the “perfect storm” develops.

If you fail to schedule roof inspections, the chances are high that your roof maintenance will fall to the wayside and over time, your roof will become vulnerable to mother nature’s wrath.

3. Ice Dams

Although severe winter storms aren’t always something Texans face, we can all testify that they can happen. When a roof faces prolonged freezing weather, ice dams can form.

When ice that’s collected along the edge of your roof begins to melt due to the heat emitting from your home, it does so from the inside, out.

This process results in swift water damage that is often undetectable until it’s too late and a leak has sprung.

4. Strong Spring Winds

Spring in Texas is notorious for strong winds and roof-wrecking tornadoes. Heavy winds can lift up your roof’s shingles and decking. They can also blow over trees and heavy branches that can completely ruin essential parts of your roof.

5. Poor Installation

The quality of your roof installation is also a huge factor when it comes to impending roofing emergencies. If a former contractor performed a quick patch job during past repairs, the likelihood of future problems vastly increases.

What to Do if You’re Stuck with a Roofing Emergency

Roofing emergencies are never planned and sometimes unpredictable circumstances like hail storms can leave homeowners concerned about the state of their roof. If you find yourself in the midst of a potential roofing emergency, follow these three steps to safely start resolving your problem.

Wait for the Storm to Pass

Even if you know that a storm has impacted your roof, don’t wander out in the middle of it to assess the damage. If a storm is strong enough to cause a roofing emergency, imagine the danger a fallen branch or heavy piece of hail poses to your own safety!

Wait the storm out, then consider examining the damage. After all, your contractors won’t be able to start repairs until after the storm.

Stay on the Ground

If you know that you have damage to your roof but you can’t see it from the ground, don’t make your way to the rooftop. A damaged roof can be fragile, so climbing on top of your roof is not only a danger to yourself but could cause further damage to your property.

Leave the climbing and close inspection to professionals who have the experience and equipment to safely scale a damaged roof.

Act Fast!

Don’t wait for your roof to get worse. A roof in need of repair or replacement poses a danger to your family. Avoid falling debris, mold, or even a complete cave-in by reaching out to a local roofing professional the moment you know that your roof has succumbed to substantial damage.

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