What are some Common Fall Roofing Problems to Tackle This Season?

A close up view of shingles being blown off a roof and other roof damage

If your roof survived the sun scorched summer, and you think fall is going to be the season to put up your feet and forget roofing troubles, we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news. Roofing problems wait for no man, and fall is the perfect time to tackle minute roofing issues that can become disastrous when winter arrives.

If you find yourself facing any of these problems this fall, it’s time to call in a professional roofer and get the repairs and replacements that will keep your roof a safe haven for what’s sure to be a rough winter.


Condensation is proof that little problems can lead to disastrous results when ignored by a homeowner. Fall begins to bring in the morning condensation that can become a problem for an aging roof. As your roof naturally ages, the insulation can become less effective when it comes to protecting your roof.

The moisture that stems from condensation can not only lead to mold and mildew, but also bigger issues if a winter storm hits. Without the proper ventilation within your roofing system, the decking of your roof can become damaged, leaving your rooftop susceptible to dangerous ice dams that can cause significant damage to your roof and home.

Flashing Problems

The flashing of your roof can eventually pull away from the surface and expose your roof to further water leaks throughout the fall and winter. Without stepping onto your roof, it may be difficult to know that you have a flashing issue that needs to be repaired.

If you notice leaks impacting your home or know that your attic isn’t sufficiently insulated, now is the time to call in a roof inspection and find out what can be done to prevent further damage to your roof’s integrity and prevent your roof from leaking.

Natural Damage

Wind and low hanging trees can quickly become a problem for your roof. Not only can nearby branches scrape up your roof and damage shingles, but under strong enough conditions, they can fall onto your roof and create substantial storm damage.

Fortunately, our roofing contractors have extensive experience with helping homeowners with storm damage restoration. Trust us to go above and beyond standard repairs if your home is damaged in a fall storm.

Clogged Gutters

As the leaves begin to fall throughout the season, your gutters can easily take a beating and become clogged. Without proper cleaning, your gutters will begin to sag and can eventually overflow and break away from your home during the next heavy rainfall.

If you start to notice cracks in your gutters or other signs that it’s time for gutter replacement, reach out to a professional roofing company to schedule an effective repair before winter rolls in.

Unprepared for the Upcoming Winter? Concord Roofing & Construction can Help!

If you’ve experienced any of these roofing problems, don’t get the ladder out and attempt a DIY repair. Trust the roofing and construction professionals of Concord Roofing & Construction to make sure your roof is effectively winter-ready.

Our team will gladly come to your property, assess your roofing problem, and come up with an affordable solution that solves the issues fast. We’re ready to make your roof the best it can be. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a home inspection.