What Steps to Take if You’ve Suffered Roof Storm Damage

Storm Damage Roof Repair Dallas

Texas weather can be quite unpredictable. Recently, Arlington was hit heavily by an EF2 tornado that left many families without home or facing extensive emergency roof repairs and replacements.

Roof storm damage is something that no one should have to go through, but the unfortunate truth is, we can’t control nature’s weather patterns. With winter on its way in and even more strong winds, heavy rain and hail storms coming with it, our team wants the communities we serve to be prepared for the worst.

If your roof falls victim to damaging weather, here are some initial steps to take as you prepare to carry on after the storm.

Call an Emergency Roof Repair Company

Always have a storm damage restoration expert on-call in case of an emergency. A company like Concord Roofing & Construction that specializes in emergency roof repairs and storm damage will respond to your call quickly and help you start picking up the pieces of your problem after the storm dies down.

From repairing a roof damaged by a storm to window repairs and garage restoration, we focus on the total exterior of your home and provide top-tier construction services.

Don’t attempt DIY repairs or settle on help from a storm chasing contractor that “promises a great deal.” Put your faith in the experts. We’ll help you resolve your problem the right way at the best possible price.

Visually Assess the Damage

Without stepping onto your roof and after the storm has safely passed, assess the damage that your roof has taken. Aside from a roof replacement, you may want to file an insurance claim to help cover your costs.

Taking photos of the immediate aftermath of a storm can help increase the likelihood of your insurance company lending a much needed helping hand.

Find Leaks Where They Are Present

Most severe leaks after a storm can be found inside of the home. Make note of where the leaks are located in your home and inform your roofing contractor of leak locations once they’ve arrived on site.

This can help lead to immediate problem solving that brings you a few steps closer to having a safe, functional roof again.

Prepare Your Home for Damage Mitigation

Even if you’ve called a local roofer right away, substantial roof leaks can lead to damage within your home.

Take these immediate steps to prevent further damage to your home while you wait for your initial roof assessment:

  1. Your home’s electrical system and leaking water don’t mix. So, flip your breakers in order to prevent a disastrous fire further impacting your home.
  2. Protect your belongings from roof leaks. From wooden floors to your furniture, roof leaks can cause irreparable damage to your property. Once you’ve located your leaks, spread towels on the floor, move your furniture away from the area, and place buckets directly beneath the source to catch leaking water.

Has Your Roof Been Impacted By Storm Damage? Concord Roofing & Construction can Help!

If your roof was recently impacted by storm damage and you are in need of emergency storm repairs, Concord Roofing & Construction can handle all of your roofing and exterior damage needs.

We are a team of experienced roofing contractors who specialize in storm damage and efficient roof replacements across the DFW metroplex.

Contact us today to schedule your roof inspection!