What are the Top Dangers of Ignoring Ice Dams on Your Roof

Winter Storm Roof Damage Repair Dallas DFW

Concord Roofing & Construction is a native Texas roofing company. We’ve seen the damage that bad weather can do to a roof and are always eager to help with storm damage repairs in any way possible.

While we don’t always get mass amounts of snow in Dallas, years past have proven that unpredictable weather is always a possibility. Should we experience excess frost or ice this season, here are some key reasons to ensure that your roof doesn’t collect ice dams that could damage your home’s integrity.

Exterior Roof Damage

Ice dams are formed when the tip of your roof is warmer than the bottom of the roof. Therefore, when ice forms and melts at the top, it collects near the base of the roof and forms a “dam” of ice.

If the weather stays cold enough these ice dams can become heavier over time and add excess pressure to essential elements of your roof.

Left unchecked, ice dams will eventually loosen the shingles of your roof, and become heavy enough to tear down your gutter system, creating the need for premature gutter replacement.

Mold and Mildew Within Your Home

One of the biggest misconceptions is that ice dams only impact your roof and will melt away when the weather heats up.

When ice dams form, they prevent water from reaching your gutter system. Unfortunately, the water needs to go somewhere as the heat your home exudes begins to melt the core of the dam.

Over time, water will begin to seep through the layers of your roof and create leaks and water damage throughout your home. By the time leaks are noticeable, it’s likely that your home has already been exposed to mold and mildew spores that thrive and spread within the moisture caused by a leaking ice dam.

Early Roof Failure

In extreme cases where ice dams become large and are left to seep through a roof, there is the risk of early roof failure. Not only are these collapses deadly to a family, but they leave a home in disarray for an extended period of time.

Yes, roof replacement and storm repairs are possible, but the devastation of an unexpected collapse and having your items exposed to the elements hits harder when preventative measures have been ignored.

We believe that no family should have to gamble with Mother Nature and should always reach out to a professional contractor once they feel that their roof’s strength is at stake. Our roofing professionals can help you catch the minor problems before they become roofing emergencies.

From safely removing ice dams, to shingle repairs and well-timed roof replacements, we can help you take the looming weight of premature roof failure off of your shoulders.

Repair Roof Storm Damage and More with Concord Roofing & Construction

If your roof has suffered storm damage in the past and seems like its integrity is compromised, it’s time to schedule an inspection. The professional contractors of Concord Roofing & Construction can easily help you schedule an inspection that covers all repairs and replacements your roof may need before the next winter weather bout hits.

We are fair and honest, and would never try to sell you on a job you don’t need. Contact us today to learn more about our Dallas roofing services.